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Does your business need a website?

Just 10 reasons why your business needs a website:

  1. Because there just isn't enough room on your business card.
  2. Steal a march on your competitors.
    If they don't have a website yet -- get in there first! If they do, study them and think of ways to make yours better!
  3. Your customers expect it.
    You have more credibility by having an Internet presence in today's age. A business without a phone number or a physical address can seem shady. It's slowly becoming accepted that a business must also have a website and an email address.
  4. Open 24/7.
    Your website works for you 24-7 with no labour costs or extra overheads. Your website markets your business for you while you sleep.
  5. Lets your customers find you.
    Not too long ago, customers looking for your product or service would have to look you up on the Yellow Pages. Today, with the Internet, the same customers will just search for your product or service on search engines like Google or Yahoo search. By not having a website, you are losing out on those customers
  6. Internet is very cost effective marketing tool.
    Putting ads on the newspaper, making flyers, and television spots can be very expensive. Fortunately marketing on the Internet isn't and can be done on a budget.
  7. Customer service can be handled on the website.
    How many times do you hear the same questions over and over from different customers? As with any business, most customers have the same set of questions and concerns. By having an FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) online, you can reduce customer service costs and save yourself time and money. You can provide more information than cannot be covered on a business card or flyer.
  8. A website address is easier to remember than a phone number.
    The web address or URL (universal resource locator) of your website is most likely going to be infinitely easier to remember than the physical address of your business or your office phone number. That alone is reason enough to have a website.
  9. Level the playing field.
    The internet does a great job of leveling the playing field for small businesses. A small business with limited funds can produce a highly effective website that can be very visible on the web and can easily compete with larger companies.
  10. It's your online brochure that can be changed at anytime.
    A website is easier, cheaper and quicker to update than print material. Its capacities are almost limitless which allow you to provide users with more comprehensive information. This will save you money on printing and distribution costs as well.
If any of the above reasons apply to you, then waste no more time. Contact us and we could have your website up and running in less than 1 day.